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So boredom makes me do crazy things, like making a livejournal.  I think the only reason I made this is so I can have a place to talk about whatever is on my mind without fear of being yelled at.  But that's the point of a journal, isn't it?  Oh, well, whatever.

So anyway, school started about three weeks ago.  (It doesn't feel like it's been that long, mind you.  Ugh.)  I'm already to the point when I want to curl up in a tiny little ball and whisper little comments like "It'll be okay" to myself, and this is only TENTH grade.  I've got two years left, after this one.  The worst part is that I can't make up my mind:  Do I want to get out of school, or do I want it to last forever?  I can't decide.  The future terrifies me.  I think I'm becoming neurotic, haha.

I'm hoping to hell and back that this weekend will be a lot more of a stress-reliever than last weekend was, or the entire week prior.  I need to kick back and relax before I lose my sanity (along with several other things I need to survive).  Not the easiest thing to do.

I wish I knew why people try so hard to fit in, to impress, only to be shot into the dirt at every turn.  Or maybe that's just the way I see it.

Oh well, no one reads this junk anyway.  :]
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