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Ragnarok Screenshots from June.

Godd. I was looking though all my screenshot files on my computer and I came across a few that made me go "Aww. <3". So, I figured I'd post them here for whatever reason. :'D Enjoy!

Here's the first bit, I love these so much. <3 

Kayley, Hillary, Allie and Myself exploring various castles. Sometimes taking a planned screenshot doesn't work as well as originally planned... 

And then it was my turn to mess with the shot... :D 

Allie got her revenge. 

And then, perfection! 

Here are some more screenshots that are awesome just because they exist. :] 

Thanatos has a bent-over Jess fetish. 

Your Mom's first War Of Emperium on EarthboundRO. Oh yes, five members. We totally dominated... Until the last two minutes. 

Our advertising skills were completely flawless. Kayley should be an auctioneer. 

Your Mom's first WoE victory. <3 We got Eeyolbriggar with THREE people. 

Danny and I are some pretty sexy emo kids, if I do say so myself. 

Jesseh-spam? Dream come true. 

Power Rangers? Charlie's Angels? You decide. 

My face is Kate's happy place. 

Chris lost that bet.
(Just incase you can't read it, he broadcasted "I wipe Jess's ass though it smells like roses and is clean as rain for nothing." to the ENTIRE server.) 

It was getting a little steamy in that PvP room... 


This should be a Cingular Commercial. 

Best. Ass screenshot. Ever.

Well, that's all the screenshots I have worth showing in my folder. :] But here's one more, it's two years old and I think you'll absolutely adore it:


Ta.  <3

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